The Historic Fulton Theatre: The Grand Old Lady

We absolutely love the Fulton Theatre and have not walked away disappointed by any of their productions. There is a variety of theaters that Lancaster County has to offer: Sight and Sound, the American Music Theater, The Dutch Apple Dinner Theater, The Rainbow Dinner Theater, and of course that Fulton Theatre.

Events in the history of the Fulton Theatre connect it to the Hertzog Homestead. This is detailed in the book “My First 250 Years: The Story of the Hertzog Homestead Bed and Breakfast”.

We briefly chat about the ghosts of the theater as well as a ghost on the Hertzog Homestead.  We round off the episode by discussing how attending a show at the Fulton is truly a theatrical experience, from the moment you are ushered in through the doos until you sit and watch the shows. As their website states: it is as full of character as the shows themselves.

From on-stage musical productions and experimental studio plays to workshops and apprenticeships, the Fulton Theatre provides a space for Lancaster, and the surrounding areas, to experience the theatre. Large-scale productions on the main stage gather a diverse community while one-hour musicals are performed to bring families together.


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