Celebrating Love

This October, Paul and Diana celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary at Hertzog Homestead Barn Event Venue. They were joined by their closest family and friends, some traveled from different states. The night was filled with chatter and laughter.  There were games of trivia, food, singing, dancing and a hayride. The kids even had their own corner of fun activities!

“For my parents wedding anniversary party, we wanted to have an atmosphere that was conducive for good times: dancing, socializing and dining together. It was also important to have a center stage to make announcements. These expectations were certainly met. Everybody had a great time at the Hertzog Homestead barn venue for the party. The location was excellent for out of town guests and the atmospheres location at the Hertzog Homestead was quite ideal. In fact, I can’t think of a better place for us to have hosted this party.”


Chapel Hill, North Carolina

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