A Girls Night Away Review

20160731_192313We all need a getaway once in a while. Life gets busy, work days are long, and by the end of the week we are all worn out. I was definitely feeling that way after a week of constant interviews and meetings. So when I had the opportunity to stay at Herzog Homestead I was thrilled!

My sister, two close friends and I stayed in the Buch suite. We had a night filled with music, dancing, food and enough laughter to get us through to the next week. We all enjoyed the wonderfully soft spa robes and loved the convenience of the kitchenette. The room was spacious and decorated beautifully to our taste.

We really appreciated that we were able to have breakfast in our room. We didn’t have to get up early, we could get up whenever we wanted to eat. Plus, it gave us more time to connect with one another. Such a small luxury like that meant so much and really added to our relaxation getaway.

Even though we only stayed one night, we felt very refreshed. The next time we stay, we will be sure to indulge in one of their massages and take a longer stroll around the property.

If you are looking for a place that is relaxing, affordable, and dedicated to giving you one of your best experiences, I would highly recommend Hertzog Homestead Bed & Breakfast.

Review by: Tiffany Simmons

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