Cavod Theater Brings Quality Family Shows to Both Local and Out of Town Guests Alike!


Actor, Kiefer Hertzog in the dressing room at Cavod Theatre, awaiting his debut in Honk Jr!, which ran in July 2016.

Cavod Theater, conveniently located a 10 minute drive through for the farmland from Hertzog Homestead, presents high-quality, family friendly musicals and plays throughout the year. In July, the theatrical musical Honk Jr. based on the storybook, tells the story of an odd little duck named Ugly and the search for his mother. The innkeepers nine-year-old son, Kiefer Hertzog was featured as the yellow feathered Duckling in his stage debut!

Cavod Theatre and its counterpart Cavod Academy of the Arts,  values a holistic care approach to excellence in the arts. No one was a greater example of this than Cavod’s beloved director, Stan Deen. Mr. Deen passed away unexpectedly while in the process of directing Honk Jr.  It was a bitter sweet production and one that brought out many who knew and appreciated him. But his legacy, and desire to see people of all ages to grow and excel lives on. Stan’s desire was to see everyone excel in the arts – both in body, mind and spirit. In his honor, Cavod has set up a scholarship fund that will go towards students who have a desire to excel in the arts, but not the financial means to do so.

Book your next visit to Hertzog Homestead around one of Cavod’s upcoming productions! The children’s favorite, Winnie the Pooh will be playing September 16 through the 25th, the holiday spectacular, Miracle on 34th St. plays December 2 through December 11, and the musical comedy Singin in the Rain plays February 24, 2017 through March 5, 2017. Who knows, you might see members of the Hertzog family grace the stage in a future production! 

Please visit: for more information on the the Stan Deen Scholarship Fund or to order future show tickets.

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