Perfect Pizza at The Fridge: A Hertzog Homestead Restaurant Review


Pizza at the FridgeLooking for fresh, artisanal pizza made with local ingredients? Look no further than The Fridge! Located in downtown Lancaster City, it’s a great place to grab a slice or two (or three).

With a modern feel, you can enjoy your meal in a contemporary, sophisticated atmosphere as indie tunes play softly in the background.

At the Fridge I’ve had many lunches, each different and delicious! Choose your slice(s) from a selection of pizzas that range from traditional cheese to braised pork and seasonal veggies. Each pizza is an experience you’re bound to enjoy! But they offer more than pizza,  click here to see what’s on their menu today.
Pictured above is from a recent staff lunch: Chipotle cheddar with locally grown veggies (carrot, pumpkin, onion, etc.), Chicken pesto with pumpkin, Portobella mushroom and kale, and Braised pork with locally grown veggies.

Whether you’re looking for a nice lunch or a cool dinner, The Fridge comes highly recommended for a modern, small business pizzeria!

-Courtney Rothharpt
The Hertzog Homestead

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