The Mystery of the Log House

What the log house may have looked like.

What the log house may have looked like.

When many guests come to the Hertzog Homestead Bed and Breakfast, they see the two-story stone structure, part of which was built by Peter Meyer, who originally built the first floor of the current house. The Meyer Suite is named after him. What people don’t see is his original house, the one that sat across the street from the main house in what now is the garden of our neighbors. This house a 13 x 16′ log house was the original house on the Hertzog Homestead.

According to Robert F. Ensminger, the way farms were traditionally built in Lancaster County and the surrounding areas was that settler would get a piece of land. The first building to be built would be some sort of shelter. This typically was a log cabin. The log cabin on our farm was built around 1760 which was the date that Peter Meyer acquired a section of land from his father Elias Meyer.  Elias’ stonehouse, a millers house, can still be seen sitting on the curve of N. Farmersville Rd. Near the Conestoga Creek. He owned a mill that sat there until 1976.

After building his modest log home, the next building Peter built was the barn. The Sweitzer barn on the Hertzog homestead is the oldest building on the property. It was built around 1765. After building the barn, Peter went on to build a one-story stone house similar to the Hans Herr house. This one’s storyhhh stone house was incorporated into the two-story stone structure and is part of what makes up the historic Metzler Suite.

Over the years the log house was a retirement home for widows, a home for hired hands, and a renter’s house to people such as the school teacher Noah Mack who taught at Metzler’s one room schoolhouse. The log house existed until the early 1900s. After that it was torn down. We know that the approximate location from foundation stones that Ruben Overholtzer across the street dug up while working in his garden.

So there you have it. The original Hertzog Homestead.

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