Finding Canned Lancaster Produce to Take Home

Many who come to Lancaster County and the Hertzog Homestead do so because they enjoy the peacefulness of the old ways, the idyllic charm of the slow paced life of the Amish.  Part of that charm for visitors is the food that the Amish and Mennonite culture has produced. Guests often ask us where they can buy local produce, being that it has not journeyed thousands of miles to their groceries stores.

When canned goods are bought at the grocery store, they can contain many additives and have been processed extensively. But there is a better way to get canned goods for your pantries. For foodies who love the Lancaster County produce and food, here are some places you can take some of it home for the winter. Plus such goods can make unique Christmas gifts.

    1. The Intercourse Canning Company (25 minutes away from the Homestead) – This is one of Lancaster County’s working canneries. When you visit there, you can sample pickles, relishes, jams, jellies, Amish peanut butter, and over 20 different items to taste. They offer a selection of 40 varieties of gourmet coffees; have their own dip mixes and more. They also have canned pickles, beets, peaches, pears, and many other fruits and vegetable. In fact, they boast over 300 variety of canned goods. Located on 13 Center Street, Intercourse, PA 17534.
    2. Countryside Road Stand (20 minutes away from the Homestead) – This Amish owned and operated roadside stand has baked goods, canned items, home-made noodles, apple butter and much more. Local produce is sold in season. They are located at 2966 Stumptown Road, Ronks, PA 17572 and can be contacted at (717) 656-9206.
    3. Barr’s Farm Produce (30 minutes away from the Homestead) – Now open year around, they offer locally made jams. They also have a stand at Central Market. They can found on 33 Barr Road in New Providence.
    4. Windy Hill Bake Shop (20 minutes away from the Homestead) – They sell pies, cookies, homemade potato chips, and some canned goods. They are located on 128 Fieldcrest Lane, Gordonville, PA  17529.
    5. Hillside Produce (5 minutes away from the Homestead) – Owned and operated by Lena Hoover, Hillside Produce seels everything from locally grown produce, to baked goods, milk, canned goods, and more. She has cooked numerous thanksgiving dinners over the past years for the Homestead, and, man oh man, were they delicious.  Hillside Produce is located on 15 Tobacco Road
      Ephrata, PA 17522. For more information on what Lena has available, you can can call (717) 859-2107

That’s it for now.  If any of you who live in Lancaster or who visit Lancaster regularly know of other places that can local produce, let me know.

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