Seeing Lancaster by Air: A Hertzog Homestead Review

Anniversaries are meant to be special.  To do something different, memorable, commemorating the years together.  This year, for our 19th wedding anniversary, I surprised Kristen by taking her on a hot air balloon ride.

The United States Hot Air Balloon team launches their balloons, both morning and evening (weather permitting), right across the road from the Bird in Hand Family Inn.  We had a Sunday evening launch, two days before our anniversary.  The August air was muggy and the sun shone brightly.  We were nervous as the balloon lifted to the sky. As we rose higher, that nervousness lifted to awe at seeing the landscape unfold around us.  The patchwork quilt of Lancaster’s farmland, the tiny horse and buggies trotting below us, the Sunday Amish volleyball games in progress, the sun dipping toward the western horizon, all were inspiring and memorable.  As we drifted slowly over Lancaster, the feeling and experience was unmatched.

An hour from launch, we drifted down over the Conestoga River, brushed the tops of the trees along the bank to slow us down, and landed in an Amish man’s meadow.  It is a memory we will not soon forget.  We do kind of wish we could’ve seen the Hertzog Homestead by air,  but the winds were not in our favor.

Really, when you come to stay with us, this would be the perfect way  and a unique way to experience the Amish farmland of Lancaster county.  It really is safe.  The US Hot Air Balloon Team has a awesome safety record. And for what you get the rates are reasonable.  You can book your flights here.  Tell them the Hertzog Homestead Bed and Breakfast sent you.


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