Music Fridays in Lancaster

On a warm summer night in July, a Louisiana Jazz band lolled out its song in a 7/4 rhythm as families, couples, and friends strolled lazily down King Street in front of the Pressroom Restaurant. A small crowd had gathered around them, tapping their feet to the swanky tunes.  Across the street Kristen and I paused to listen, escaping on a rare date night without the children.

Parking at the Queen Street Garage, we had worked our way up Queen and stopped for a browsing jaunt through BUiLDiNG CHARACTER, a cooperative of small shops selling antiques and vintage goods that give a special something to a house.  Attached in a little known museum, called the Heritage Press Museum, run by the .918 Club, preserving the history of the traditional printing press.  They still print beautiful Christmas cards that can be purchased there.

As we sauntered down Queen, we passed music act after music act, local musicians such as Mark Boyd, Mike McMonagle, Juan Catorce Band, Music Lab Lancaster, and Sabrina Duke.  Many shops had stayed open late for this event.

Outside the Pressroom, we ran into some old friends we had not seen in years, Drew and Jess, who also happened to be out on a date without their child.  We worked our way down King, and then up Prince, ending up at a small restaurant with a swanky bar and adorable outside seating called Pour.  It was such a beautiful night we wanted to sit outdoors, so we sat by the bar with its blue accents, Drew and Kristen sipping Wine, while Jess and I drank cappuccino. It was surreal and threw me back into Italy along the Amalfi coast where the four of us did similar activities almost 15 years before.

Eventually, we moved to outside seating, laughing and enjoying conversation, catching up and reminiscing.  Beautifully lit under the darkening night sky, the ambiance was surreal.  We snacked on orders of perfectly seasoned Duck Fat Fries and Charcuterie Boards of Lomo and Serrano Ham. I know know this isn’t a restaurant review, but if you get the chance, you need to go there.

And if you are here on a third Friday of the month and want a unique experience that showcases Lancaster’s talents, shops, and restaurants, I would encourage you to try out Music Fridays in Lancaster.


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