Roads for Runners Around the Hertzog Homestead

I must blame Bernadette for getting me into running three years ago. I was a slave to the elliptical machine, until she set me free. As a result of my encounter with her, I have completed five marathons, many half marathons, and have enjoyed running countless miles and the roads around Hertzog Homestead Bed and Breakfast. Without a doubt, my favorite exercising past time is running. I find it exhilarating, rejuvenating, and meditative. Besides it helps the fight my family’s history of heart disease.

The area surrounding the Homestead is rolling farmland.  When I strap on my shoes, I am not expecting a flat route, though some of my runs are less hilly than others.  Whenever I run, there are hills.  They aren’t bad, not very steep or long, but there are hills.  Frankly, nothing has prepared me more for my marathons and half-marathons. But even when I am not in training, the runs are beautiful and relaxing.

There are no sidewalks; just pure asphalt.  Unless you are running between 4 – 6 PM, the traffic is fairly light. There is the occasional car, Amish man on a scooter, and horse and buggy, but most give a wide berth and give a genial wave.

I have three main loops I run, though I have plotted and run many others.  One of my current favorite routes is a 5.25 mile loop that takes me up into the nearby town of Akron.  It offers scenic views of the farmland, a jaunt through the woods of a local park, and an overview of the valley in which the Hertzog Homestead sits. Another route I run is a 5.75 mile loop through the town of Brownstown.  Beside the farmland views which all my runs include, this is a flatter route, a portion of which runs by a creek. The last route I use when I am crunched for time.  This is a three mile loop that basically circles the block. Mind you in farm country we have big blocks. This loop is all farmland with a little bit of creek thrown in.

Over the summer, I have had the pleasure of running with many guests.  If you run, let me know and when you visit us, perhaps we can lace up and run.



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