JoBoy’s Brew Pub: A Hertzog Homestead Restaurant Review

joboysAbout 10 minutes away from the Hertzog Homestead Bed and Breakfast, there is this beautiful, historic town called Lititz. Lititz contains many quaint shops, is the home the hard pretzel, and the birthplace of Wilbur’s chocolate. It also contains many fine restaurants including the Historic Sutter Inn.  One of the places that I have gone back to numerous times is JoBoy’s Brew Pub.

JoBoy’s Brew Pub specializes in serving authentic southern barbecue and hand crafted beer. With food that is reasonably priced ranging from $8 up to about $20 a plate.  I always get their Pork Barbecue and have not ever been disappointed. The sauces they use are to die for. The service was quick and the staff friendly.

The decor inside is contemporary and simple. And while there are TVs that surround the bar area, they do not overpower the music playing over the speakers and the music itself does not overpower any conversations you might want to have with a friend or significant other. 

But if you go on a nice day, I would recommend sitting outside where the seating affords one a beautiful view up and down Main St., Lititz allowing one to enjoy the historic beauty of the small town.

So the next time you decide to stay at the Hertzog Homestead Bed and Breakfast, make sure to drop by JoBoy’s Brew Pub and enjoy a pint, some pork, and a little bit of history.


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