Harvest in Lancaster County

Harvest Time

As October moves to a close, harvest is in full swing on the rolling farmland surrounding our property. The corn pickers are diligently picking the corn and throwing it in the bin wagons that trail behind. The bin wagons empty into elevators which carry the corn into corncribs where it dries and are used to feed the cattle. Other farmers shell the corn, so that they can be used for other feedstock, corn oils, and so on.

The fall season is a perfect time to escape to the Hertzog Homestead Bed and Breakfast. It’s tranquil. The weather is still nice enough most weekends to sit out on the porch and watch the leaves fall or the geese fly south toward Florida. Or  to walk the waterways on  freshly cut grass, exploring and walking through the harvested fields. On the chillier days, there’s nothing quite like a mug of hot chocolate to chase that cold away.

Currently the project we’ve been working on is at a standstill. Building should recommence near the beginning of November and hopefully will be finished before Christmas. This we shall see.



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