And then it was gone….

It is not hard to imagine the countless hours, days, and weeks it took to build the pole shed that stood on the property between our barn and our house. Jacob Metzer the second, my ancestor who probably built this building, used this shed as a machine shed, a place to store his ever expanding inventory of farm equipment in the mid-1800s. Rocks from the fields were used to set the foundations and logs from the woods on the property were used as beans to give the structure a frame.  Through his descendants, this building went from machine shed to pig stall and eventually, during my time was used as random storage.

As of yesterday this building has ceased to exist.

When I drove to my house yesterday after work, It was hard to believe it was gone, just a pile of lumber ready to be set on fire with a match. Actually the pile of lumber in one of the pictures below is only about half of the lumber that was torn down from this building.

In one way I feel like I’m letting my ancestors down, not holding onto this building that so many people used and found functional over the years. But the reality is that if we want to continue to preserve the barn and the house and maintain the property, we need to utilize the property in a way that will allow us to bring in more income.  The bed-and-breakfast really does support the continued maintenance of this historic property and the many of the renovations in the house as well as the restoration of the barn.  Adding rooms really does make sense. This is why we tore down the structure. To rebuild another structure in its place that will hopefully last as long as the initial structure did, about 150 years. It will allow other people to enjoy our property and experience all that Lancaster County has to offer.

In another way, I’d like to believe that I’m really am continuing to live on the property as many of my ancestors did. When Jacob Metzler the first  moved onto this property in 1786, he supported the farm by running a coverlet weaving business. He used the barn to weave his products with his barn loom and would sell his products out of his house. In a lot of ways I believe that we’re continuing on in the spirit of Jacob Metzler, continuing to run a business out of our home and the farm that helps support the it.

So what’s next? We obviously have to clean up. Maybe do a little bit more burning of the wood that’s on the concrete pad where the pole shed stood. And then let the building begin. I’ll keep you in the loop as we progress.





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