A New Era for the Hertzog Homestead

A new era for the Hertzog Homestead Bed-and-Breakfast will be arriving in the upcoming weeks. In 2009, we originally had a dream to convert our beautiful 18th-century barn into an extension of the bed-and-breakfast we operated on our property. When the stock market crashed later that year, we put those dreams on hold, unwilling to throw ourselves into the amount of debt it would’ve required.

Then in 2013, we began the process of taking another building on the property, the one pictured in this post, and converting that into three additional bed-and-breakfast rooms. These things as always take time. We had to get Township approval and then get approval from the sewer Authority, before we are finally ready to demolish existing structure and begin breaking ground on the new building.

The building that we are demolishing and rebuilding is a building that sits between the barn and the current bed-and-breakfast.  When my parents took over the farm, the building functioned as storage on the farm. There is evidence that some of my ancestors raised some pigs in this building. Built in the late 1800s, the building is old. Because my connection to this property and my family history here, it was a long agonizing decision to actually raze this building.  We really looked at ways that we could use the existing building and just frame it out in such a way as to put bed-and-breakfast rooms inside. It was virtually impossible the way the existing structure was built.

So at the end of August, we will tear down this existing building, and then the work for the three room addition to our bed-and-breakfast will begin. We are excited. Excited to put our own personal touch on these rooms. Excited to expand the possibilities and the availability in our bed and breakfast. We are excited to share our farm and share the land that surrounds us with those you to come and visit our bed-and-breakfast. And we are excited that we can share this experience with more people.  These three additional rooms will have a beautiful view over the rolling farmlands of Lancaster County. They will also have a great view of the 18th century Sweitzer barn on the property and look out on the constantly evolving 18th-century limestone farmhouse, that is so indicative of many houses in our area. It’s our hope that you will be able to come and enjoy these rooms with us.

So I want to be bit better about blogging through the process of building these rooms. I will love to hear your thoughts and feedback on these rooms and what we’re doing. And at times we might be looking for suggestions from you. Thank you so much for reading this, and we look forward to sharing more about this experience in the future.



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