Strawberry Hill Restaurant, The Prince Street Cafe, and The Fulton Theatre

Tonight, Kristen and I had a chance to visit a restaurant that has to be one of our all time favorites in Lancaster County: Strawberry Hill.  And though we are in the midst of strawberry season here, this restaurant and our decision to go here has nothing to do with that.  Known for having the biggest selection of wines in the state, they serve some of the best food I have ever tasted in Lancaster.  I had the roasted duck breast which absolutely just melted in my mouth and Kristen had the lump crab cakes. Seriously, they were to die for as well. I snuck a bite.  Shhhh. Don’t tell here when you see her.  The owners of the Strawberry Hill welcomed us, charmed us with their wit. That is what you get when you have two people with the name Dennis running the place.  Great ambiance and a great place to reconnect, talk, and enjoy some fine food.


Later, we walked around the beautiful downtown of Lancaster City, and, while Saturday evening not many shops were open, we enjoyed coffee from the Prince Street Cafe and sat at tables along the street.  We had a nice view of the Fulton Theatre, the oldest functioning theater in Lancaster County.  Their site says “In 1852 the Lancaster community celebrated the opening of Fulton Hall. More than 150 years later, we continue to celebrate all that this “Grand Old Lady” has become. From a meeting hall, to the “Queen of the Roadhouses” through Vaudeville, the movies, near destruction, salvation and on to the cutting edge of contemporary theatre, the history of this majestic place literally chronicles the evolution of the American Stage.”

Check out the pictures below.


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