Our Adventure at Cherry Crest Adventure Farm

We, here at the Hertzog Homestead and Breakfast, went on an adventure last week when we visited the rolling hills and vibrant farmland of Cherry Crest Farms.  It was an absolute blast for the whole family.  Our children, Kiefer and Taicha, absolutely loved the farm animals and huge slides.  Kiefer was especially fond of the singing chickens.  Kristen loved the floating swings (We had to practically drag her out of them when it was time to leave.  They were so relaxing and comfortable.)  I in particular loved seeing they way Cherry Crest Farms is implementing renewable energy.  It powers a good portion of premise with solar electric installed by none other than Sun Lion Energy, the company that will be installing our solar electric later in July. They also heat some of their water via solar.  It was the first time I had an upclose and personal look at how it all worked.  And they way they installed it made it part of the adventure at Cherry Crest Adventure Farm.

Below are some of the photos from our time there.  If you come out to stay with us, make sure you check out the adventure.



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